Belmont Abbey Contacts

Please address postal enquiries to the appropriate department at:

Belmont Abbey
Ruckall Lane

01432 374710

Abbot                        Right Rev Dom Paul Stonham

Vocations                  Dom Brendan Thomas 

Retreats                    The Retreat Secretary 
                                   07799 811 646

 Day Retreats           Dom Andrew Berry
                                   01432 374724

Education                   Dom James Norris
Department                Tel: 01432 373745
                                    Fax: 01432 374711

                                   Patricia Twyman, Senior Education Guide
                                    01299 403409

Monastic                     Dom Cadfan Williams
Guest Master      

Abbey Shop                The shop is open Monday to Saturday from 2pm until 5pm and after Mass on
                                    Sunday's. 01432 374752